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Gloria Pulliam

Transcendence - Acrylic

Her works are in a variety of mediums, including pencil, acrylics, oil pastels, and clay. While Gloria prefers her and her Art not to be labeled; her pieces are described as “whimsical and amusing abstracts.” Native of California, "born an artist," she has been creative since kindergarten, which has carried on throughout her life. Her work is created through discovery of her path, and most of her creations have been inspired truly by children as well as the adults throughout her life. She has five wonderful children, and at last count, 17 beautiful grandchildren.

Gloria was an assistant art teacher in California, and then eventually taught in Alabama at the Eastern Shore Art Academy for over 10 years. She taught Pottery at the Rotary Boys and Girls Club in Fairhope, Alabama for over 14 years, as well as a substitute Art Teacher for Bayside Academy in Daphne, AL. Around the time she revisited her pottery skills; Gloria’s creativity on canvas transformed to what is labeled as “Abstract”. While teaching; Gloria continued to create Art as well as being an active member of the GCCG (Gulf Coast Clay Guild), Bell Arts and involvement in numerous art shows and events across the Gulf Coast.

Gloria moved to the Seattle area in September 2012 and has volunteered her teaching skills in Pottery to Unity Church in Lynnwood, WA as well as teaching Pottery and Painting to Mari’s Place a Non Profit in Everett, WA. While creating, Gloria’s art takes her on paths before knowing their existence and hopes at least one person will see in her art their own complexity within as well.

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