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Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury: A Guide for Survivors and Families
by Richard H. Adler

Over one million Americans sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) every year, yet awareness of this silent epidemic is limited. A TBI is a life altering event which leaves survivors and their families having to confront the realities of diminished capacity, economic losses and the long road of rehabilitation. Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury is a guide for families and survivors, thoroughly explaining what TBI is and how to deal with the ordeal and its aftermath.

This guide also offers informational, medical, legal, and support services that have a keen understanding of the evaluation, representation, and treatment of TBI. There is help out there ― if you or a loved one could benefit from this guide it may be purchased through Amazon in both Paperback or Kindle. If you’re unable to afford a purchase, free copies are available through our Resource Center.

Kindle ($9.99) & Paperback ($19.99) - Amazon

All proceeds from the book purchase goes towards will be donated to the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington and other community groups working to improve the lives of individuals with brain trauma.

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