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Earline Alston
Essence - Mixed on Birch Wood

A resident of Seattle since 1966, prior to having a hemorrhagic stroke in 2014, I had a 30 year career as an Allied Healthcare Professional, and I had never demonstrated any ability to create art. Today, without any institutional training, I create impressionistic landscapes informed by the natural world, but conjured from my own imagination.

Inspired by the dawn of spring, when my Seattle neighborhood was adorned with cherry blossoms, the inception of Essence evolved as I surrendered control of my creative spirit, to render a vision of one of my favorite seasons which continues to aide in my recovery.

In Essence, I explore the intrinsic therapeutic values that the natural world provides. The medium, a circular piece of birch wood, represents the cycle of life and infinite awareness. I used colors, shapes, detailed patterns and textures to render movement, and to creatively express emotions, feelings and thoughts. Blended together, a combination of media including: acrylic, oil pastel, chalk pastel, watercolor and paper (blossoms and flowers partially made of paper) evokes a sense that an ethereal presence is in the air to uplift my spirit. The results are a mesmerizing sky which sets the stage for spring to settle over the earth as hanging branches, twigs and blossoms flow in unison with the wind. While continuously morphing branches appear to have anthropomorphic characteristics, reaching out to offer love and support to smaller, yet significant life below.

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