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A REAL Superhero

Tommy Manning strengthened the voice of everyone whose lives are affected by Brain Injury. 

Tommy Manning, a well-known advocate for the rights of people with Brain Injury, is one man whose journey has strengthened the collective voice for all throughout Washington whose lives are affected by Brain Injury.

At 10 years old, Tommy was riding in his family’s car on the Narrows Bridge when a semi-truck hit the car head on. The accident killed Tommy’s mother and gave his sister a broken neck. Tommy sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and was in a coma for 29 days during which time he received multiple brain surgeries. After being released from the hospital, Tommy went to live with his father in Beaverton, OR where he worked on his recovery; though, Tommy would “never be 100 percent.” Tommy’s TBI continues to effect his daily living through tremors, headaches, fatigue and back pain.

Recognizing there was a dire lack of resources and support for individuals with Brain Injury, Tommy contacted his local Representative, Dennis Flannigan. Tommy and Representative Flannigan developed a collaborative relationship which resulted in the signing of the Tommy Manning Act RCW 74.31.060 in May, 2007. The Act is named after Tommy for his determined advocacy for its passage and improvements in services for people with Brain Injury.

This Act addresses issues related to TBI and ensures funding through a two dollar fee imposed for traffic violations. This account supports TBI services throughout the state of Washington including the Washington TBI Resource Center, Support Groups, The Annual TBI Conference, Military Support and other programs that work to mitigate the disabling effects Brain Injury has on people. Tommy Manning is one man whose dedication has ensured thousands of others are able to attain the highest quality of life living with Brain Injury.”

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