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We are proud to announce BIAWA's 2020 Brain Injury Art Show is exhibiting at Bellevue Arts Museum!

Download 2020 Brain Injury Art Show Application Form

Most all of us will be impacted by a Brain Injury at some point in our lives, whether it happens to ourselves or someone we know. The Annual Brain Injury Art Show is important because it provides an opportunity for survivors of Brain Injury to connect with each other as creative artists, survivors, and contributing members of society.

Every piece displayed was completed by an artist whose life was forever changed by an accident or condition that led to what’s known as an “invisible disability” – something that can’t be seen, and is often misunderstood or ignored. Art is a vital form of expression to many of the participants; many employ art as a therapeutic tool in their recovery process from Brain Injury.

During this exceptional year, we are proud to introduce virtual components for enjoying the 2020 Art Show. You are able to view a special Video Tour and Virtual Gallery below. There is also information on regulations for visiting Bellevue Arts Museum in person.

The Brain Injury Art Show is made possible by the generosity of our sponsors:

Virtual Video Tour 

Virtual Art Gallery – [Download PDF]

In-person Gallery Visits

Our Bellevue Arts Museum Exhibition is open to the public for limited hours and capacity through January 10th, 2020.  If you plan to visit this show go to the website for available dates and times.

For more information:

For more information about the Brain Injury Art Show email us:


2019's Brain Injury Art Show at Seattle Art Museum

Click Here to take a look at some of the amazing art from last years show.

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Brain Injury: What you need to know

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Pooled Trusts are stable investment options that allow beneficiaries to maintain government benefits.

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