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She lives to serve!

Janet Mott, alias “Wonder Woman”

When the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington needs that special something extra, they call Janet Mott.

Janet has been there from the beginning. And in her 80s she is still going strong – supporting the organization, helping brain injury survivors and advocating on their behalf.

Just like The Avengers depended on Captain Marvel, the Brain Injury Alliance depends on Janet Mott.

“I’m always Just kind of there. People know they can call me to share and problem solve,” she said.

Janet is a rehabilitation specialist and is considered an expert in her field. She is highly regarded in the legal community and has frequently served as an expert witness in cases involving brain injury litigation, here in the Pacific Northwest and in Alaska.

She’s also worked closely with attorneys who developed special needs trusts and has served on numerous trust committees for individuals over the decades.
Quite a full life for a woman who battled polio as a child in 1950.

But most significantly, Janet was involved with the inception of the Washing State Head Injury Foundation in the 1980s, which eventually became the Brain Injury Alliance.
As board member, volunteer and supporter. Janet has watched the organization grow and become an influential voice advocating for major public policy initiatives, including the state’s first helmet law and the Zackery Lystedt “return-to-play” law. The first of its kind in the country, the law governs concussion management in youth sports.
“I’ve always been here in some capacity,” Janet said. “I’ve been through ups and downs of the organization.

“I love to see myself as a person who can see outside the box and come up with solutions.”

For example, Janet recalled a man she works with who suffered severe brain trauma in a vehicle accident when he was 17. Before, he had been an active young man who had climbed Mt. Rainer.

“Six years post injury I was meeting with him,” Janet said. “He had severe aphasia, but we communicated. And what he got across to me was that he wanted to visit Mt. Everest, the base camp.”

The Everest base camp trek is a popular adventure tourist destination visited by thousands of people a year.
The man’s mother was against the idea, but Janet said, “Maybe.”

“We need to really have you evaluated in many ways so that your mother has adequate information. Are you willing to do that?” He said, “Yes.”
Janet guided her client through battery of comprehensive medical evaluations. At the Travel Medicine Clinic at UW Medical Center, he met a physician who looked him over, then asked if he could squat. He showed her, and the physician passed him.

“She just wanted to make sure he’d be able to go to the bathroom,” Janet laughed. “He was good to go.”

“He got to the base camp. The sherpas loved him,” Janet said. “He was with group of eight others, one of them a retired Vermont school teacher who reassured the client’s mother that he’d watch over him.

“That’s what I love -- every day you’re learning something new!”

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