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April 15, 2021 - Laughing With The Lystedts: The First Family of Brain Injury Prevention

Here at the Brain Injury Alliance, we call Zackery, Victor and Mercedes Lystedt the “first family of prevention.” Back in 2006 Zack suffered a preventable brain injury playing football. It was a long road to recovery, which is still Zack's full time job, but the family is stronger than ever and has always shared their story to help others. In fact, their advocacy has helped pass sports safety laws in all fifty states.

In this episode of Brain Injury Today, Deborah Crawley speaks with Zack, his dad Victor and his mom Mercedes about their journey with brain injury and how laughter has helped get them through the toughest moments.

Learn more about the Lystedt Law and sports safety by listening to episode 15 of Brain Injury Today.

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