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Study shows light therapy is safe and may benefit patients with TBI
EurekAlert – September 22, 2020

Mind-control devices that can solve paralysis

CGTN – September 21, 2020

Brain injury can be detected in 15 minutes by rapid blood test: Study

ZEENews – September 19, 2020

After Floyd’s killing, KIPs at protests led to 100-plus head injuries

UC Berkeley – September 16, 2020

Menopause and brain injury
Prince George Citizen – September 9, 2020

New York Brain Injury Lawyers Launch “Brain Injury Insider” Video Series

EIN Presswire – September 8, 2020

First ‘Plug and Play’ Brain Prosthesis Demonstrated in Paralyzed Person

UCSF – September 8, 2020

Neuralink - 3 Neuroscientsist react to Elon Musk's Brain Chip reveal

Inverse – September 4, 2020

Your Brain, With a USB Port in It: Elon Musk’s Neuralink Vision Divides Experts

Computer Business Review – August 19, 2020

A Radical New Model of the Brain Illuminates Its Wiring
Wired – August 17, 2020

Brain scientists haven’t been able to find major differences between women’s and men’s brains, despite over a century of searching
The Conversation – August 6, 2020

Sledding Athletes Are Taking Their Lives. Did Brain-Rattling Rides and High-Speed Crashes Damage Their Brains?
NYT - July 28, 2020

Less-lethal weapons blind, maim and kill. Victims say enough is enough.
The Denver Post - July 25, 2020

Purdue innovators receive $1.3 million from DoD for traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer's
AAAS - July 21, 2020

Multi-center, large sample research shows the whole picture of China's traumatic treatment
Teller Report - July 21, 2020

Concerns over police head injuries
AAAS - July 20, 2020

MRI scans of the brains of 130 mammals, including humans, indicate equal connectivity 
Medical Xpress - July 20, 2020

How a memory game could help us understand brain injury

National Science Foundation - July 14, 2020

The Power of Psychedelics
Scientific America - July 12, 2020

Emergency Room Visits for Sports Related TBI Among Children significantly declined from 2012 to 2018
CDC - July 10, 2020

Blood-based biomarker can detect, predict severity of traumatic brain injury
MedicalXpress - July 8, 2020

Warning of serious brain disorders in people with mild coronavirus symptoms

The Guardian - July 8, 2020

What Covid-19 Did to My Brain

Medium - July 6, 2020

Bicycling without a helmet? You can do that in Tacoma now
The New Tribune - July 4, 2020

How to keep your delicate brain safe

BBC - July 2, 2020

Coronavirus: What does Covid-19 do to the brain?

BBC - July 1, 2020

Researchers uncover effects of negative stereotype exposure on the brain

MedicalXpress - June 30, 2020

Tiny molecule could protect newborns from brain damage
MedicalXpress - June 24, 2020

One-time treatment generates new neurons and eliminates Parkinson’s disease in mice
Neuroscience News - June 24, 2020

Psychiatrist Explores Possible Benefits Of Treating PTSD With Ecstasy Or Cannabis
NPR – June 22, 2020

Clear signs of brain injury with severe COVID-19

MedicalXpress – June 18, 2020

12 Ways to Spend Your Time During a Concussion

Yahoo! Life – June 17, 2020

Even Without Concussion, Athletes' Brains Can Change After Head Jolts: Study

U.S. News – June 17, 2020

Too much alcohol can cause similar effects to dementia – and the two are often confused

MedicalXpress – June 17, 2020

Previously undetected brain pulses may help circuits survive disuse, injury

Washington University School of Medicine – June 16, 2020

Protecting the neuronal architecture - New approaches to treating neurodegenerative diseases
AAAS – June 5, 2020

Helmets with anti-rotational injury protection come out on top in new tests
Bike Radar – June 4, 2020

ICUs Become A 'Delirium Factory' For COVID Patients

Kaiser Health Leaders – June 3, 2020

How COVID-19 Effects the Brain in Neuroimaging

Imaging Technology News – June 2, 2020

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