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WA Brain Injury Support Groups

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, Washington State DSHS has CANCELED all TBI Support Groups in May and June 2020. Future opportunities will be evaluated over time as we all do our part to maintain a healthy environment.
Thank you for your support and please visit our WA Brain Injury Resource Center if you need assistance.

In support of our socially distanced communities BIAWA is hosting Virtual Brain Injury Support Group Gatherings several times a month.

Join us Friday June 19 at 1:00PM PST for a Virtual Brain Injury Support Group Gathering. You must REGISTER to attend.

Register for Virtual Brain Injury Support Group Gathering

You know it

Brain Injury Today is the official podcast of the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington and is produced in collaboration with
Goal 17 Media.

March 25, 2020 - Keeping the brain injury community connected during the coronavirus outbreak
Executive Director Deborah Crawley and President (and client) Allison Mollner share what BIAWA is doing to keep the entire community connected and coping with the coronavirus outbreak. They offer helpful information and resources as well as comfort and strategies to get through the isolation and uncertainty.

    Events & Happenings

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    We Stand In Solidarity

    with the peaceful protesters in our communities speaking up and speaking out, to demonstrate against the systematic racism that has divided us and plagued the United States for centuries.

    A Message from BIAWA

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    Official podcast of the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington 

    Join Executive Director Deborah Crawley for insightful and inspiring conversations 

    Brain Injury Today

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    Support Brain Injury survivors by making a monthly commitment 

    Brain Champions support survivors of Brain Injury across Washington State and beyond. 

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