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Pediatric Services

We at the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington recognize that supporting children and their families across the spectrum of Brain Injury demands a set of competencies and knowledge that is specific to the developmental and educational needs of Washington State’s youth. In addition to navigating youth-specific services available throughout Washington state, pediatric clients (18 years and younger) require educational support from individuals who are equipped with the knowledge to navigate educational law.

As of today, The Brain Injury Alliance of Washington remains the only organization in the state of Washington to provide Pediatric Resource Management to Brain Injury clients.

Pediatric Resource Management

Pediatric Resource Management provides FREE individualized, client & family-centered, resource management services to residents of Washington State, 18 years and younger. Through multi-facet levels of support, we work alongside our clients, families, communities, schools, and medical team to meet the individual’s specific needs. We are passionate about providing family support to caregivers and recognize that through enhancing caregiving capabilities and working to decrease burnout, pediatric clients experience greater success in their schools and their communities.

Pediatric Resource Managers develop short and long-term intervention strategies to support survivors of Brain Injury and their families with reintegration into their homes, schools, and communities.

This may include, but is not limited to: 

  • Advocating for therapeutic interventions
  • Advocacy for brain injury specific medical care and interventions
  • Educational advocacy
  • Legal referral
  • Concussion management
  • Locating support groups
  • Qualifying for services through the Department of Social Health Services
  • IEP, 504, ITP, and educational advocacy 
  • Accessing camps and activities for quality of life, and much more!

Please call the Washington Brain Injury Resource Center at BIAWA 877-982-4292 to find out how our Pediatric Resource Management Services can benefit you.

Partial funding for the Information, Resource, and Referral program(s) are provided by the WA State Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Council and TBI account through the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS).

Concussion Overview from the Mayo Clinic [Website]
Learn about the possible effects of concussion in children from the Mayo Clinic.

Concussion Management Guidelines [PDF]
The Colorado Department of Education developed concussion management guidelines for youth sports.

Concussion Legislation [Website]
BIAWA assembled a coalition of partners to pass the Zackery Lystedt Law in 2009. Learn more about the Washington law and other states’ similar legislation from the NFL.

Get Schooled on Concussion Topics [Website]
Issue-Specific recommendations on supporting students with Brain Injury from Get Schooled on Concussions.

Parents, Coaches Worry About Concussion Risks [Website]
Read about a student athlete’s experience with multiple concussions.

Guidelines on creating a community-based concussion management program from the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington.

Suggested School Adjustments [PDF]
Suggestions on how to make accommodations within the school for a child who has sustained a Brain Injury from Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children.

Returning to School After a Concussion: A Fact Sheet for School Professional [PDF]
The CDC provides informative guidelines for a successful school experience after Brain Injury.

Washington State Govenor’s Office of the Education Ombuds [Website]
Learn how an Ombudsman can help you advocate for your child in the Education System.

Tips to Help You Advocate for Your Child [PDF]
Learn useful techniques for advocating in a school setting.

BrainSTARS - Brain Injury: Strategies for Teams And Re-education for Students [Website]
BrainLine provides advice for helping teachers and parents work with students with Brain Injury.

Keep Moving Forward: Children with Brain Injuries” [Video]
Listen to young people talk about living day-to-day with the effects of Brain Injury

Child’s Recovery After Traumatic Brain Injury takes Time [Website]
Lash & Associates discusses how children recover from Brain Injury.

The Developing Brain after TBI: Predicting Long Term Deficits and Services for Children, Adolescents and Young Adults [Website]
Article from the International Brain Injury Association on how Brain Injury may affect a child’s development over time.

Typical Recovery Sequence Following TBI [Website]
Brain Line provides information on the stages of recovery from childhood Brain Injury.

Transitioning to Adult Life for Kids with TBI [Website]
Hear about studies being done to find the best way to help kids with Brain Injury make a successful transition into adulthood.

Parents’ Guide to the Transition of Their Adult Child to College, Career, and Community [Website]
BrainLine provides the tools you need to prepare for your child’s transition.

Transition to Adulthood [Website]
The National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities provides information about services available as your child transitions to adulthood.

Parent Recommendations [PDF]
Recommendations for parents after a child has sustained a brain injury from Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children.

When the Unthinkable Happens: Support for Siblings After a Traumatic Brain Injury Strikes a Family [Website]
A mother of eight talks about the impact of one child’s brain injury on her other children.

Siblings of Children with Acquired Brain Injury [Website]
How does having a sibling with Brain Injury affect other children in a family?

Helping Siblings Adjust [Website]
Tips for helping children adjust to a sibling’s Brain Injury.

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