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Instructions to use the Brain Injury Resource Locator Map

Step 1. Choose to how locate services Near My Location or By WA County
Choosing Near My Location requires you to have you devices location services turned on and allow our map to use your location to find services near you. 

Choosing By WA County allows you to select any WA state county and find resources in and around that county.

Step 2. The Map and the Results
The map is divided into two halves, with the left side showing the map and the right side showing category tabs and search results.
Clicking a grey tab activates the tab changing it to blue and showing any of the selected tabs resource on the map.

Step 3. State Wide Resource

Some resources are state wide and are avaibe anywhere. The green toggle allows you to turn statewide resource on or off.

Step 4. Using Filters

Clicking Filter or Search on the right side of the screen allows you to choose subcategories to locate specific services 

Step 5. Favorites and Stars

Step 6. Share These Results

    If you have questions or need further assistance call the Washington Brain Injury Resource Center at 877-982-4292. You are not alone!

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