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This year’s 2022 Gala is one of the most import in the history of our organization.

We need and welcome your donations of amazing tangible items as well as certificates for experiences or even a single bottle of wine is SUPER helpful making our 2022 Gala our greatest gala ever!

Mail Items to:
113 Cherry St - PMB 40683, Seattle WA 98104-2205

Please contact us for information about drop-off and pickups or to answer any questions you may have.
Phone: 206-467-4800

Item or Wine Donation

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Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

This guide also offers informational, medical, legal, and support services that have a keen understanding of the evaluation, representation, and treatment of TBI.

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Brain Health & Wellness Classes

Non-clinical, wellness, and life skills classes, specifically designed for survivors of Brain Injury and their loved ones

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Official podcast of the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington 

Iinsightful and inspiring conversations 

Brain Injury Today