We want to hear from YOU. How has Brain Injury affected YOUR life? We hope you will share YOUR story.

Celine's Story.

On May 16, 2010 my life changed when an irresponsible man failed to stop for a stop sign and drove his three-ton pickup truck diagonally across one lane and rolled my jeep resulting in totaling my vehicle and sending me to Harborview.

A year earlier I’d received my Washington State cosmetology license and was happy and steadily building clientele. When I tried going back to work, I couldn’t even walk in a straight line across the salon, let alone cut hair. No vehicle, no income and no job.

The physical injuries were debilitating for the first year until I got proper diagnoses (including post-concussive syndrome) and the right treatment, especially for balance issues. But it wasn’t until I contacted BIAWA and attended a support group that I fully realized the extent of my head injury when others spoke of their issues which were eerily similar to mine. When I called the BIAWA resource line and Brittney Neidhardt-Gruel came to my home to help, the first day of the rest of my life began.

My office floor was piled ankle-deep with stacks of paper; normally a vigorous, energetic, multi-tasking, Zen-like organized person, my life had been chaotic since the accident. I’d become unable to deal with the basics of life, pay bills, afford food or even get to the grocery store. With Brittney’s help, we developed files, organized bills and correspondence and she is still teaching me about compensatory strategies. So important to my sense of well-being is learning how to arrange my environment differently to reduce the visual stimulation that was once pleasurable but now confusing and intolerable.

I am very grateful for all the support from BIAWA and its sponsors and particularly for Everyone in the organization and to Brittney, King County Resource Manager, for her dedication to the science, mechanics, outreach and people involved with TBIs.

Your story can make a difference.

Hearing from survivors and family members is an important part of BIAWA. We look forward to hearing from YOU.

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