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Alana & Dominic's Story

When Alana Collucci called the Washington TBI Resource Center (877-824-1766) in November of 2011, she had been working tirelessly on her own for nearly a year to obtain the support her son Dominic needed to be successful at his school.

Dominic, born in Boston, had sustained a TBI and stroke after falling from a bunk bed in 2004.

He subsequently received home tutoring and then was educated at a private Massachusetts school for students with special needs, including Brain Injury. It was after the family moved to Washington State that Alana first called us and was referred to our Pediatric Resource Manager, Julie Dawning.

Dominic had been enrolled in his local public school and it was quickly determined that Julie would begin attending school meetings to help Alana advocate for her son. Julie spent time listening to the family and found ways to make sure their concerns about Dominic’s decreasing emotional health and lack of educational progress were heard by the school district. Once it became clear to the family and Julie that Dominic really needed the support only a specialty school could provide, it took six months working with the family, the district and the specialty school to place Dominic with the school district covering the expense.

Julie and the Colluccis also enlisted the support of New Horizon School’s Administrator Marla Veliz as part of the team to ensure a successful placement for Dominic. Dominic is now a proud student at New Horizon School in Renton, where he receives his education in an environment that is well suited to his needs. This is one of the many ways BIAWA is privileged to witness the successes that happen when survivors and their families team up with our Resource Managers to achieve goals.

Your story can make a difference.

Hearing from survivors and family members is an important part of BIAWA. We look forward to hearing from YOU.

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