We want to hear from YOU. How has Brain Injury affected YOUR life? We hope you will share YOUR story.

Ruth's Story.

My name is Ruth. I am a TBI Survivor. Five years ago my life changed in a dramatic way. I must say it has been a long journey to get a place where I feel I can have some hope and happiness and actually enjoy it. At first I was hesitant about sharing my story because this meant opening up to that scary world that I felt hurt me physically, emotionally, mentally and broke me down spiritually. I was most fearful of the wounds it would reopen, but I was deeply humbled when I saw how this might help others going through a similar situation so I that is the reason why I am sharing my story of how the BIAWA, the Wonderful Resource Managers like Mary Hughes, Care Providers Like My Hubby Matt and Family. I also believe that my Faith and God has helped guide me to throughout this the whole time. I am relearning to allow myself to enjoy and let joy seep back into my life through the walls that I was building around me for protection. How ironic that those same walls we put up to block out pain we also block out the happiness. It is sad but true. I have to admit it’s been a tough journey, but I do believe that things happen for a reason. Although I am still on that journey I hope my reason is to be a better person, share and use my experience to help others, make a lasting and positive impact on life. I feel very fortunate and thankful to the Brain Injury Association of Washington for giving me an outlet where I am able to Rediscover, Strengthen, and Redefine who I am.

Although I am not able to remember any details of my accident, I am told that, I was driving to work on the morning of February 12, 2008 when my vehicle was struck behind by a semi-truck. I was hospitalized at Riverside County Regional Medical Center, where my family and my now Husband were given the alarming news that I had a small bilateral parietal subarachnoid hemorrhage where retrograde amnesia occurred and lasted for approximately 24 hours, and anterograde amnesia of about a week. The doctors also pointed out that I had spinal compression fractures in my thoracic spine, but to me all I knew and felt was horrible and never ending pain. This incident has impaired my life physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and shook my spiritual core. It had been tough for me to accept the fact that my life changed so drastically in one day, and I still don't remember how and why it happened. I have always been a strong and independent person, yet this accident has left me physically, emotionally, mentally and financially in despair. In a way I feel as though this experience has allowed me to want fight for my life despite all the limitations, negative complications and hopelessness I faced and might encounter again. I just have to move forward with my life by accommodating to those limitations, finding the best solutions to my particular situations, and to surround myself with people, places, and all things that encourage hope. I know God was with me that day and he always was and will be there.

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Hearing from survivors and family members is an important part of BIAWA. We look forward to hearing from YOU.

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