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BIAWA has a Database of more than 1,500 resources specifically vetted for their ability to support individuals affected by Brain Injury.

Submit Your Business for Inclusion in the BIAWA Resource Database

The Brain Injury Alliance of Washington has an extensive database of resources which we use to refer those we serve to services specifically suited to meet the needs of individuals living with Brain Injury. These resources include everything from transportation and housing to attorneys and guardianship. If you provide direct services to individuals with Brain Injury and are not currently included in our database, please fill out our online form below. Please fill in all fields as completely as possible.

Please Note:
When you submit your information, it will be reviewed and entered into the internal database from which the Resource Line Specialists & Resource Managers refer. It will not be displayed on the website.

If you are unsure whether your service is already included in our database or have any other questions, please contact Nicole at

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