As part of our mission, BIAWA provides client centered and goal driven support to improve an individual’s quality of life at no cost to those we serve.

Resource Management

Resource Management is offered to individuals with Brain Injury, their families and caregivers. We provide clients with the option of over-the-phone or in-person assistance. Resource Managers help connect people to resources and support in their communities while working toward individualized, identified goals. The objective of Resource Management is to improve the quality of life for persons with Brain Injury by assisting them, their families and loved ones fill in the gaps of needed services.

One Resource Management client had this to say about our services. “To have someone show such compassion, wisdom and follow through as you did really helps during this bit of rough time. I will continue to find the correct resources our son desperately needs, so he has the best support as he continues to heal… My relief cannot be appropriately captured with words.”

Call the Washington Brain Injury Center 877-824-1766 to find out how our Resource Management can benefit you.

La Alianza de Daño Cerebral (BIAWA) usa los servicios telefónicos de una línea de traducción así que podemos provenir nuestros servicios por el teléfono a los personas quienes no hablan inglés.