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Helmet Safety

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute [Website]
The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute provides information on helmets safety for various sports.

Which Helmet Should You Use for Which Activity [Website]
How do you choose a helmet? This brochure from the Consumer Product Safety Commission has the details.

Bicycle Safety in University Place [Video]

University Place TV highlights the importance of always wearing a helmet when you ride your bicycle.

Workplace Safety

Preventing Construction Falls [Website]
The CDC offers suggestions to make your worksite safer.

Pedestrian & Motor Vehicle Safety

Bicycle safety: How not to get hit by cars [Website]
Learn great tips on how to bicycle safely around cars.

How Walkable Is Your Community? [PDF]

This brochure helps you rate how safe your community is for pedestrians.

Walking Safely [Website]
Great tips for being a safe pedestrian.


Sports Concussion Prevention

Concussion Legislation [Website]
BIAWA assembled a coalition of partners to pass the Zackery Lystedt Law in 2009. An overview of the Lystedt Law and similar legislation from addtional states provided by the NFL.

Heads-up Training on Concussion
Prevention [Video]

The CDC created this video-based mini-course on sports concussion.

Concussion in Sports [Website]
Provides a clear and simple overview, along with practical steps you can take from the CDC.

Falls & Home Safety

Preventing Falls [Website]
Great tips on how to keep your young child safe from falls in the home.

6 Steps to Protect Your Older Loved One From a Fall [PDF]
Learn about 6 steps to protect against falls from the National Council on Aging.

Playground Safety [Website]
This website contains comprehensive information on playground safety for kids from AAA State of Play.

A-Z Fall Prevention [Video]
A fun set of fall prevention exercises you can do with a group or in your own home.

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