When a child has a brain injury, it affects the entire family. Get more information about Pediatric Brain Injury here.

Concussion from Sports and Recreation

Concussion Management Guidelines [PDF]

The Colorado Department of Education developed concussion management guidelines for youth sports.

Concussion Legislation [Website]
BIAWA assembled a coalition of partners to pass the Zackery Lystedt Law in 2009. Learn more about the Washington law and other states' similar legislation from the NFL.

Concussion [Website]
Learn about the possible effects of concussion in children from Mayo Clinic.

When Can I Return to Play? [Video]
Steps to safely returning athletes to participating in sports.

Get Schooled on Concussion Topics [Website]
Issue-Specific recommendations on supporting students with Brain Injury from Get Schooled on Concussions.

Parents, Coaches Worry About Concussion Risks [Website]
Read about a student athlete's experience with multiple concussions.

Educational System

Guidelines on creating a community-based concussion management program from the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington. How every

Suggested School Adjustments [PDF]
Suggestions on how to make accommodations within the school for a child who has sustained a Brain Injury from Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children.

Returning to School After a Concussion: A Fact Sheet for School Professionals [PDF]
The CDC provides informative guidelines for a successful school experience after Brain Injury.

Welcome to the Office of the Education Ombudsman! [Website]
Learn how an Ombudsman can help you advocate for your child.

Tips to Help You Advocate for Your Child [PDF]
Learn useful techniques for advocating in a school setting.

Brain Injury: Strategies for Teams And Re-education for Students [Website]
BrainLine provides advice for helping teachers and parents work with students with Brain Injury.


Recovery and Development After Brain Injury

Keep Moving Forward: Children with Brain Injuries [Video]
Listen to young people talk about living day to day with the effects of Brain Injury.

Child’s Recovery After Traumatic Brain Injury Takes Time [Website]
Lash & Associates helps us learn about how children recover from Brain Injury.

The Developing Brain after TBI: Predicting Long Term Deficits and Services for Children, Adolescents and Young Adults [Website]
Brain injury may affect a child's development over time. From the International Brain Injury Association.

Typical Recovery Sequence Following TBI [Website]
BrainLine provides information on the stages of recovery from childhood Brain Injury.

Transition into Adulthood

Transitioning to Adult Life for Kids with TBI [Website]
Hear about studies being done to find the best ways to help kids make a successful transition into adulthood.

Parents’ Guide to the Transition of Their Adult Child to College, Career, and Community [Website]
BrainLine provides the tools you need to prepare for your child’s transition.

Transition to Adulthood [Website]
The National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities provides information about services available as your child transitions to adulthood.

Family System

Parent Recommendations [PDF]
Recommendations for parents after a child has sustained a brain injury from Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children.

When the Unthinkable Happens: Support for Siblings After a Traumatic Brain Injury Strikes a Family [Website]
A mother of eight talks about the impact of one child's brain injury on her other children.

Siblings of Children with Acquired Brain Injury [Website]
How does having a sibling with Brain Injury affect the other children in a family?

Helping Siblings Adjust [Website]
Tips for helping siblings adjust.

For more information on Pediatric Brain Injury call the Washington Brain Injury Resource Center at BIAWA 877-824-1766.



REAP Concussion Guidelines