BIAWA is the only organization in the state of Washington which provides Pediatric Resource Management.

Pediatric Resource Management

Patient and family centered, individualized assistance is designed to seek out and manage resources that meet the needs of children and youth while enhancing the caregiving capabilities of families, resulting in success in their schools and communities.

Pediatric Resource Managers develop short and long-term intervention strategies to support Brain Injury survivors and their families with reintegration into their homes, schools & communities during and subsequent to the survivors hospital discharge process.

Download the Pediatric Resource Management Flyer here.

Read a BIAWA Pediatric Resource Management Success Story here.

Call the Washington Brain Injury Resouce Center at BIAWA 877-824-1766 to find out how our Pediatric Resource Management Services can benefit you.

La Alianza de Daño Cerebral (BIAWA) usa los servicios telefónicos de una línea de traducción así que podemos provenir nuestros servicios por el teléfono a los personas quienes no hablan inglés.