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Ohio Senate passes student-athlete concussion bill
POSTED JAN 6th 2013
Starting as soon as the spring sports season, Ohio’s young athletes would have to be immediately removed from a game or practice when they showed symptoms of a concussion.

Used to Helping, a Chaplain Finds the Tables Turned
POSTED DEC 16th 2012
It was Lt. Col. Richard Brunk’s second Sunday in Baghdad, and so, of course, there was church. Only 16 soldiers showed up, but that was good for that busy day, election day across Iraq. The presiding chaplain asked everyone to take seats up front. It was a providential move.

Congratulations Zackery Lysedt for being names as one of Seattle’s Magazine’s Best of 2012 POSTED DEC 14th 2012
A star football player for Tahoma Junior High School, Lystedt suffered a traumatic brain injury during a game in 2006. .

Study Bolsters Link Between Routine Hits and Brain Disease
POSTED DEC 3rd 2012

New York Times - The growing evidence of a link between head trauma and long-term, degenerative brain disease was amplified in an extensive study of athletes, military veterans and others who absorbed repeated hits to the head, according to new findings published in the scientific journal Brain.

Bears' Hester leaves game with concussion
POSTED NOV 25th 2012
The Associated Press - Bears receiver and return specialist Devin Hester left Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings with a concussion.

TBI Model System Newsletter
POSTED OCT 15th 2012
TBI Updates Fall 2012 – Newsletter of University of Washing Traumatic Brain Injury Model System.

Stephen Covey, '7 Habits' author, dies at 79 Posted Jul 19th 2012
CNN - Considered a pioneer in the self-help genre aimed at helping readers become more productive in their lives, author Stephen R. Covey had an enormous impact on both the corporate world and the personal lives of millions.

Mayo Clinic and Collaborators to Study Use of Electronic Media to Improve Care of Traumatic Brain Injury
POSTED MAY 11th 2012
For people who are hospitalized for traumatic brain injury, recovery may involve physical and cognitive problems that linger for years.

New Research Reveals One Third of Young Athletes Sidelined Due to Preventable Injuries POSTED Apr 26th 2012
Safe Kids USA - WASHINGTON, DC – In a new study released today, parents report 1 in 3 children who play team sports sustain injuries severe enough to require medical treatment. Coaching Our Kids to Fewer Injuries: A Report on Youth Sports Safety, a national survey commissioned by Safe Kids Worldwide and Johnson & Johnson, reveals misperceptions and uninformed behaviors are all too common, resulting in overuse injuries, dehydration, concussions or worse.

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