Learn how to live well with Brain Injury.

Rehabilitation Treatments and Facilities

Short-and Long-Term Rehabilitation Services [Website]
Learn about the different facilities that offer rehabilitation services.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation [Website]

BrainLine teaches us type of rehabilitation services can help with Brain Injury.

Neuropsychological Evaluation and Brain Injury [Website]
What is is a neuropsychological evaluation and how can it help you?

Coping with TBI to improve quality of life [Video]
Veterans share their stories of learning about Brain Injury.

Emotional Impact

Depression and TBI [Website]
Learn about Depression after Traumatic Brain Injury from the TBI Model Systems.

Behavioral/Emotional Issues [Website]
Learn strategies for Brain Injury survivors and others for coping with behavioral changes.

Overcoming Loneliness and Building Lasting Relationships After Brain Injury [PDF]

Learn how to break out of loneliness and reconnect with others.

Caron Gan Talks About Behavior and Personality Changes After TBI [Video]

Life Improvement Follow Traumatic Brain Injury [Website]
LIFT is dedicated to educating about depression after TBI and the most promising and effective treatments.


Living with Brain Injury

People with Brain Injury may experience physical, cognitive or personality changes that affect their work and relationships. In this program from the University of Washington, hear stories of people who are rebuilding their lives and readjusting to family, careers and everyday life.

Guide For Service Animals [Video]

Learn about your rights and responsibilities as a Service Animal owner through this video from the Washington Department of Veterans Affairs.

Technology and Transportation Manual from the University of Puget Sound Occupational Therapy Department -Part 1 [PDF]

Technology and Transportation Manual from the University of Puget Sound Occupational Therapy Department -Part 2 [PDF]

Physical Impact

Physical Effects of Brain Injury [Website]
Learn about how brain injury can affect physical abilities.

Fatigue and Traumatic Brain Injury [Website]

Fatigue is a common symptom of Brain Injury. Learn what you can do.

Vision Problems after TBI [PDF] The TBI Model Systems explains problems with vision after TBI and how to treat them.

Seizures after Traumatic Brain Injury [Google Docs]
Learn all about seizures and treatments in this useful handout from the TBI Model Systems.

Sexual Functioning and Satisfaction after Traumatic Brain Injury [PDF]
This is an extensive guide to sexual relations after brain injury.

Cognitive Impact

Cognitive Problems After Traumatic Brain Injury [PDF]
Learn how Brain Injury can affect cognition.

Cognitive Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury [Video]
Group members discuss changes in the way the brain works after a TBI.

For more information on Living Well with Brain Injury call the Washington Brain Injury Resource Center at BIAWA 877-824-1766.