Brain Injury triggers legal and insurance issues. Learn more about your rights and helpful aid programs here.

Legal Representation

A Guide to Disability Rights Law [Website]
BrainLine helps us learn about the federal civil rights laws that ensure equal opportunity for people with disabilities.

Special Needs Trusts [Website]
Disability Rights Washington provides an explanation of special needs trusts.

Selecting an Attorney after a TBI [Website]
Brainline provides some questions you should ask when selecting an attorney.

Questions and Answers on Guardianship [PDF]
Columbia Legal Services offers 13 helpful questions and answers on guardianship.

Power of Attorney [Website]
Persons with Brain Injury who have impaired decision-making abilities may want to appoint a Power of Attorney.

Education and Employment

Lystedt Law Overview [Website]
BIAWA assembled a coalition of partners to pass the Zackary Lystedt Law in 2009. Learn more about the Washington Law and other states' similar legislation on this NFL page.

A Guide for Public School Students in Washington [Website]
General information on students’ rights in Washington state public schools from Washington Law Help.

Washington State's School Accommodations [PDF]
Learn how Washington public schools accommodate students with disabilities from the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Accommodations Guide for Students with Brain Injury [Website]
What types of classroom and testing accommodations are available for students?

What Do I Tell My Employer? [Website]
Hear an expert's advice on how to talk about Brain Injury at work.

Accommodation Ideas for Brain Injury [Website]
The Job Accommodation Network provides helpful suggestions for making accommodations at work.


Insurance and Government Aid

TBI & Social Security Disability [Website]
Learn about Social Security Disability.

Paying the Bills: Health Insurance, Disability Pay, and Attorneys [Website]
How can you minimize your health expenses and maximize disability payments?

Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors [Video]
The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner has health insurance benefits advisors who can help you.

Understanding Asset Building & Public Benefits for People with Disabilities - A two part series from the Real Economic Impact Tour.

Military & Veterans

Military & Veterans Legal Resource Guide [PDF]
The Washington State Attorney General's Office distributes this publication.

For more information on Legal/Financial issues call the Washington Brain Injury Resource Center at BIAWA 877-824-1766.