BIAWA is committed to ensuring all who are directly impacted by Brain Injury receive the support they need at no personal cost to them.

BIAWA Supports Washington Through

Academic Scholarships
Each year, BIAWA awards three academic scholarships to survivors and one professional in the field.
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Inter-Agency Collaboration
BIAWA engages in collaboration with other service providing organizations in order to increase the quality of care received by all. BIAWA is actively involved with Safe Kids Eastside, Northwest Alliance of Information & Referral Systems, Director of Disability Organizations.

Legislative Advocacy
BIAWA is a national leader in supporting advocacy and legislation that promotes prevention of Brain Injury and access to support & services for survivors and their family members More Info.

BIAWA is available to provide free, customized training on Brain Injury to educators, medical providers, legal professionals and other service providers. For more information or to schedule an in-service for your staff, call the BIAWA office at 877-982-4292.

Public Awareness
BIAWA is committed to taking the silent out of the "silent epidemic" of Brain Injury reaching tens of thousands of individuals annually with our outreach efforts. Check out our Calendar to see where BIAWA is engaged in raising awareness.

Social Outings
BIAWA recognizes the valuable role of social engagement in enriching the quality of life for individuals with Brain Injury and their families. For more information about scheduled social outings, call the BIAWA office at 877-982-4292.

Support Groups
Washington’s Brain Injury Support Groups strengthen communities through peer support. You can get more information about these groups here, or by calling the Washington Brain Injury Resource Center at

The Washington Brain Injury Resource Center
BIAWA is first and foremost a source of support for those affected by Brain Injury, and the Resource Center is a critical part of this. Services through the Resource Center include:
Statewide Toll-Free Resource Line
In-Person Resource Management
Pediatric Services

Call the Washington Brain Injury Resource Center at BIAWA 877-824-1766 to find out how our Support Services can benefit you.


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