Learn how you and your family can help each other through the changes that Brain Injury brings.



Siblings of Children with TBI. What About Them? [Website]
BrainLine teaches us how Brain Injury can affect siblings.

Helping Brothers and Sisters [PDF]
An article about the effects of Brain Injury on brothers and sisters.

My Child's Brain Injury: Family Matters [Website]
BrainLine informs us how Brain Injury is felt by the whole family.

The Brain Injury Alliance of Washington created a video about the impact of Brain Injury on the Family and Spouse [Video]

Family Issues [Website]
TBI affects not just the person injured but the entire family as well.

Coming Home: Families, Courage and Resilience [Videos]
Follows the families of Veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and their experiences as they struggle to understand their loved ones' new world of Brain Injury.


Social Support

10 Tips for Family Caregivers [Website]

Learn about 10 tips for family caregivers from Caregiver Watch.

Preparing for Your Doctor Visit [Website]
Some useful tips for preparing for a doctor visit from the National Institutes of Health.

How I Re-Built Social Supports After My TBI [Video]


Surviving and Thriving: TBI Training for Caregivers [Website]
A training course led by survivors and their caregivers with video and workbook from the Washington TBI council.

Caregiver Stress: Tips for Taking Care of Yourself [Website]
Tips from the Mayo Clinic on how to take steps to preserve your own health and well-being.

For more information call the Washington Brain Injury Resource Center at 877-824-1766.